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Accurate and professional editing services for biomedical researchers.

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Whether you are a non-native English speaker, you don't have the time, or you don't know where to start to polish and prepare your work, we are here to help!

BioMedEdits offers 15+ years of experience providing a variety of writing and editing services for biomedical researchers, college and medical school applicants, and anyone else who absolutely must have an accurate and professional document. We improve the clarity, readability, and accuracy of documents and can help with related tasks such as planning, preparation, and submission.

Like a sculptor, we view what we do as chipping away the extra bits to reveal what is already there -- the meaning and information that you need to convey. We specialize and greatly enjoy working with non-native speakers of English. Whatever the job is, we always strive not just to produce a clear, concise document that is ready for submission or peer review, but a final product that prompts readers and reviewers to comment that your document is "well written".

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We have many years of experience editing manuscripts, grant proposals, and other scientific documents for publication and presentation. We strive to improve the clarity and readability as well as the accuracy of your documents and can help with a variety of tasks related to planning, preparation, and submission.

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"When it's crunch time and that grant or paper is due, she can tune it up and get it back to you very quickly. It is not just that she has the skill and the speed to do this, but she understands what journal editors and grant reviewers are looking for. And she delivers."

-Ryan Delahanty, Ph.D.

"She improves not only the grammar, but also the structure of the sentences, so that the manuscript becomes more readable and clear in expressing the science."

- A. Shin, M.D., Ph.D., Korea