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Accurate and professional editing services for biomedical researchers.



BioMedEdits' specialty is editing biomedical research manuscripts, grant proposals, abstracts, slide presentations, and other scientific documents intended for a public audience. We not only edit for the "idiomatic English" that most top-tier journals specifically request and for proper punctuation, grammar, and usage, we also check for consistency of numbers and terminology between the various components of your document (e.g., abstract, tables, and text; slide to slide; Specific Aims, Background, and Research Design) and check your reference list for consistency of style, missing elements, etc.

Writing and Special Project Development

We are happy to assist with drafting professional scientific communication and developing other research-related documents. Whether you need to communicate with a Program Officer at the National Institutes of Health, request an extension from a journal editor for a revision of a manuscript, submit a manuscript, or develop the language for an application to your local Institutional Review Board, we can help ensure a document that is technically complete and accurate and whose tone and language are appropriate for the intended audience.

Writing Coaching

We offer one-on-one coaching for many kinds of writing projects, including scientific manuscripts, college application essays, and other documents where you must do the writing, but need help with organization, tone, focus, etc. Whether it's an autobiographical essay or the results of an important experiment, we can help meet word count limits, assist with the development of themes, and suggest language and structural changes to ensure you are engaging your reader with all the details you need (and none that you don't!) to tell a great story.


BioMedEdits offers fast, professional proofreading of every sort of academic and professional document from traditional one-page résumés to 60+-page curriculum vitae, cover letters, personal statements, manuscript or grant reviews, college application essays, and more.


BioMedEdits' services are typically charged to you by the hour in 15-minute increments. The hourly rate is dependent on how technical the work is and quickly you need the document returned to you. Rates are typically higher for highly technical documents, such as grant proposals and research manuscripts, or for documents with a very short turn-around time. Rates are lower for coaching and editing of less technical documents, such as college application essays or professional communications.


First, contact us to explain the details of your project and receive an estimate. If you agree to work with us, we will send a contract outlining what is expected from you and what we will deliver and when. Once you return the signed contract, and in some cases a deposit (50% of the estimate), we will begin work on your project. The balance of the cost is due at project completion or may be billed to you monthly, depending on the nature and duration of the project.

Contact Us

Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your proofreading, editing, writing, or special project needs or for more information on any of our services!

We can be reached by phone at 1.318.906.0808, via, or through our Contact page.

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"Bethanie is an outstanding editor. She has expertise in scientific writing and in-depth knowledge of epidemiology, genetics and chronic diseases (including cancer, coronary heart disease, and diabetes). She is extremely professional, thorough, and efficient in her job."

-R. Villegas, Ph.D.

"She improves not only the grammar, but also the structure of the sentences, so that the manuscript becomes more readable and clear in expressing the science."

- A. Shin, M.D., Ph.D., Korea