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Ms. Rammer has a long-standing fascination with the world's languages, which might be the fault of the grandparents who spoke German or the grandparents who sent her records of Japanese children singing (regardless of who is to blame, she is grateful to all of them!). In high school and college she sought training in every language she could get her hands on, including French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese, which lead to a bachelor's degree with a double major in Theoretical Linguistics and German.


If only the books had been less expensive, Ms. Rammer might have majored in a science (or a bunch of them – she loves them all!). Instead, she borrowed "lay audience" books from the library and taught herself about everything from quantum mechanics to astrophysics and astronomy. She lucked into a student job at the University of New Hampshire working for glaciologists and absorbed everything she could about glaciers, atmospheric science, paleoclimates, and climate change. Eventually, she got a real job working for cancer epidemiologists at Vanderbilt University, where she got to learn about cancer, genetics, epidemiology, human anatomy and physiology, and molecular biology. These days, as the Managing Editor for an online biomedical journal, the African Journal of Laboratory Medicine (AJLM), she is learning about viruses, bacteria, and other causes of infectious disease, as well as capacity building and lab strengthening efforts in resource-limited settings.


Ms. Rammer has been writing since at least the second grade, when she wrote and illustrated her first "novel" (a six-page mystery). She began her editing career young as well, producing the "Kidtown News" with her best friend from across the street. In college, she assisted exchange students with their English papers and tutored German students. Later on, she spent four years as the editor of a monthly online newsletter for the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities, before becoming an author's editor for the cancer epidemiologists at Vanderbilt University, where she worked on manuscripts and grant proposals for almost 11 years. These days, Ms. Rammer splits her time between managing AJLM and working on projects ranging from coaching students writing college and medical school application essays to editing biomedical research manuscripts and grant proposals for submission.

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"[Bethanie] has a keen understanding of scientific writing and the process of publishing in peer-reviewed biomedical journals."

-T. Dorjgochoo, M.D., Ph.D.

"She has edited many of my manuscripts and grants and has transformed my work to documents of the highest standards. I can only say good things about my experience with her editing services."

- R. Villegas, Ph.D.